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I don’t really use this blog anymore, you can find me on which is much cooler 

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🍩🍩 babes
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he sees you when you’re sleepin


i wanna buy clothes ALL THE TIME but i’m poor ALL THE TIME

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"L’homme qui ment" (1968) - Alain Robbe-Grillet
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trying to give my wardrobe a makeover this christmas
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  • monday: no
  • tuesday: no
  • wednesday: no
  • thursday: no
  • friday: no
  • saturday: hmmm
  • sunday: no

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"Kiedy leżę, nie nadaję się do wstawania." - M. Białoszewski (via plastikowe)

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me waiting for my crush to like me back
  • everyone: are you okay
  • everyone: you look tired
  • everyone: you look upset
  • everyone: you look confused
  • everyone: are you mad at me
  • everyone: what happened to you
  • everyone: are you sick
  • me: IT'S MY FACE

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